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Restaurants & Bars

Where insurance and fun get smashed together!

Owning and operating a restaurant or bar can be a dream come true.

Or it could be a nightmare if you are not working with an experienced agent from English Insurance Group

As a restaurant or bar operation your exposure to potential claims is significant. Anything from slips and falls on site to liquor liability claims have the potential to substantially harm your business. We have a long history of working with all types of owners from single location to multi-state franchise operations. We work with you to help identify creative ways to utilize insurance and risk management to help reduce your exposure.

  • Franchise and Non-Franchise operations
  • Risk Management solutions to reduce claims
  • Workers Compensation and Non-Subscription options
  • Liquor Liability
  • Mobile Food Trucks and Catering
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Restaurants & Bars Insurance in Dallas

Here is why you need insurance from us?

As a family owned independent insurance agency we place you and your family first. We understand the need for simple cost efficient solutions. When you work with our team you will feel the difference right way. Whether it’s our no pressure environment, consultative team approach or our straight forward approach to solving your insurance puzzle you will receive focused attention. Competitive. Affordable. Transparent. Insurance translated into “English”.

  • Industry-focused teams and individuals
  • More than 60 years of combined experience
  • 1000+ satisfied customers
  • Customized insurance programs
  • High end solutions at affordable prices
  • “White Glove” customer service
  • Dedicated team members
  • We’re Independent and rep the top companies
  • Client focused
  • Annual coverage analysis and reviews

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