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Energy Services

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Energy Services

The United States has seen a huge increase in the energy sector. With this growth comes a varity of complex situations.

Running an oil and gas business is not for the faint at heart. From oerseeing rig equipment complying with evolving government regulations managing tools, rigs and staff . While we know troubleshooting any of the numerous events that could threaten your operation is likely your first priority. Our first priorty is insuring you have the right coverage

  • Lease operators
  • Wholesale and retail distribution and reclamation
  • Development and exploration
  • Well servicing
  • Drilling
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Energy Services insurance in Dallas
Nick S.
I strongly recommend English Insurance Group for their consistency and reliability. Due to the complexity of our business, being properly insured is absolutely critical. Over the last two years, our organization has worked directly with Brian Hatton and his team, to ensure our company is fully covered and in compliance. Brian and his team’s knowledge of our industry and service offerings, coupled with English Insurance Group and their outstanding customer service and competitive rates, has been one of the best decisions our company could make.

Nick S. / COO, Industry Petroleum.

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As a family owned independent insurance agency we place you and your family first. We understand the need for simple cost efficient solutions. When you work with our team you will feel the difference right way. Whether it’s our no pressure environment, consultative team focus or our straight forward approach to solving your insurance puzzle you will receive focused attention. Competitive. Affordable. Transparent. Insurance translated into “English”.

  • Industry-focused teams and individuals
  • More than 60 years of combined experience
  • 1000+ satisfied customers
  • Customized insurance programs
  • High end solutions at affordable prices
  • “White Glove” customer service
  • Dedicated team members
  • We’re Independent and rep the top companies
  • Client focused
  • Annual coverage analysis and reviews

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